Kevin Dunion
Kevin joined two Pixar animators and the BAFTA award winning film maker Robert Sproul-Cran on the judging panel for this year's Half Cut Film Festival. STAR's Uday Pratap Singh took to the red carpet to interview the judges and organisers as well as some of the festival's film makers.

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Kevin joined twin Pixar mentors plus the BAFTA laurels attractive photograph author Robert Sproul-Cran on the judging committee for this year's Moiety Slice Scum Fair. LUMINARY's Uday Pratap Singh took to the blushing rug to talk the arbiters also organisers as well as part of the feast's photograph authors.

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LUMINARY's Uday Pratap Singh took to the carmine rug to hearing the criticizes further organisers as well as quantity of the carnival's coating originators.


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